A girl and her best friend..


This session began as an idea while serving in the church nursery on Sunday.  A precious friend told me about her daughter and her new horse.  We conspired to capture the beauty of her daughter, the horse, and the farm all at once!  After many failed attempts (thunderstorms, scheduling conflicts, etc), her daughter was able to introduce me to her horse Louie.   Louie lives on a gorgeous farm.  The farmland includes large oaks, and green pastures and sparkling ponds (it is a photographer’s dream location).  While spending time with them, I grew to understand a little more about the relationship that horses develop with those they love.  This large animal showed so much tender affection to this beautiful girl.  She returned her sweet affection with gentle guidance and respect.  My only real desire during this time was to show their love for each other.

Thank you friends for allowing me to experience this beautiful relationship with my camera!

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  1. These pictures are beautiful and look like they could have come straight out of a magazine!!!

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