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Business Brand Photography

Images that build emotion around your brand

What is Business Brand Photography?

The showcase of images that tell the stories of your brand.  Your ideal customer will always be attached to your business by who you are, what you do, and why you do it.  The right images can help them to get to know you and trust your business.  


It's not enough to attract clients you have to get them "attached" to your brand. We create images that author stories of your company's MISSON in the marketplace, your company's PERSONALITY, and your passion for a customer RELATIONSHIP. Social media is becoming more "polished" everyday. Selfies and low resolution images are labeling brands as inexperienced and stock images appear impersonal. A professional photograph speaks to your commitment to be a successful brand.


This is Easy!  Use the button below or contact me by text at (803) 422-2522 or email: hello@caroleslagsvol.com.

next steps

  • I'll get back to you to find out your needs and set up a possible planning meeting
  • We'll meet in person or remotely to plan your session. I'll suggest image story ideas and we'll detail locations, time, hair and makeup services, etc.
  • I'll have you sign the necessary papers and we'll finalize session details and image rights.

your session

Our planned session(s) will be a time of storytelling your brand.  Images, short videos, etc will be used to create a campaign to attract your clients.  

Your final images will be sent to you in digital formats for your use.  These files will include rights to further amend your images and stories to meet your brand’s needs.


Why does my business need this service?  Images are essential to marketing and advertising right now.  Clients want to SEE who you are, SEE what your business looks like, and SEE how you treat your customers.  This is what we do-create images that show them!

How much does this cost? Prices are based on the number of stories that we create to describe you and your business.  On average clients can expect to spend $1,000.  This includes a consultation, session(s), and 90 image files with full rights to use as needed.  Hair and makeup, props, and location rental can be arranged for additional fees. 

Can I change my images or add text or elements to them?  Yes!  You can customize your images to adjust for text, graphics, etc.  Our contract allows for freedom to use images without credit to the photographer.  Purchased rights are very broad compared to other usage rights in the industry.  

How much time does a session take?  A story session can take as few as a couple of hours or as many as 6 – 8 hours if we have multiple stories to create in different locations.  

Can I get a discount for an annual contract?  Absolutely!  The ultimate goal of our studio is to develop a relationship with you and your employees so we will deliver a better “picture” of your mission and culture.  Semi-annual, quarterly and monthly story session contracts are available with discounts for each contract.