A little more detail….

What can I expect from your photography services?

Well, it all begins with a phone call because I really want to talk to you to determine what you plan to do with your images.  I like to create your experience with the end in mind.   During the phone call we will discuss ideas for your images and locations to use for backgrounds.  I will help you with ideas for what to wear (see below).  If we are designing a wall portrait or grouping I might visit your home to get an idea of your preferred colors, style, etc.  We will then schedule your session. The session will last 1-2 hours.   This time is not all spent in front of the camera.  I will need time for your children to get comfortable with me so that I can capture real interaction and emotion from them (and you!).  For senior sessions we will take about 2 hours.  Some of the time during a senior session will be spent in wardrobe changes and traveling to different locations. After the session, I will take about 2 weeks to prepare your images.  After the images are initially processed, I will get together with you in person to view the images and help you select your favorites.  I will show you samples of products offered, and I will help you select your purchases.  There will be a final edit of your “favorite” images to send out for prints, albums, etc. When the products arrive, I will deliver them to you.  If you have purchased wall art I can even help to install the portraits for you.  I have access to very capable installers. Finally, I will be in touch to be sure your are thrilled with your purchases and to see if I can further serve you in any way!

What do I/we  wear to a session?

I always recommend solid colors because they will allow your face and personality to be the showcase.  Small prints or stripes can be worn as an accent.  Usually, everyone should not wear the same colors (i.e. everyone in white shirts, blue jeans).  I always think the best way to dress a family is to consider the location first (a park-green, a field-beige, etc) and chose a color palette that does not clash with the background.  Mom is always a focal point of the family portrait so she should be the first to choose what looks good on her and then the girls should choose from a palette based off her outfit.  The guys are last and should wear colors also from the color palette chosen.  I will help you with this!  I can create a board with outfit examples and colors to give you ideas.  My Pinterest boards also have some suggestions.

Are digital files included in my session fee?

Session fees include the cost for the actual time to take your images and the time that I need to process your images.  You can always purchase your digital files separately. With any purchased image product you will get a web sized file of those images included at no charge.  

How much do customers typically spend on portrait products with you?

Customers usually spend between $800 and $1500.   Some spend considerably more if they buy multiple products.