Favorite Summer Locations for Portraits

As a photographer. I get asked if I have any “favorite locations” to use for a session background. I can make almost any background work if I have enough color consistency behind the subjects (I have used a single shrub many times). All photographers, though, would prefer some expanse of beautiful or interesting scenery to provide some depth and to be able to pull back for a variety of shots and poses.

My favorite places so far have to be landscaped parks. The Riverfront parks in Columbia, SC, are beautiful almost anytime of the year but especially in the summer…

The Columbia side (canal park) has beautiful river views as well as a building that houses the old canal machinery that makes for a fun backdrop.  AH9A2730-Edit

Ryan with kids

The West Columbia side of the park has a wonderful river background including the Gervais St bridge..{8x10}AH9A8116

In the late summer and early fall you can catch a great backdrop of kudzu!Alana with kudzu

I also love the Town Park in Irmo that has this great little bridge!


My next favorite location is the client’s home.  I adore pictures on the front porch or in the backyard…AH9A5269


Finally, I love MY backyard!  I have a couple of spots that always work! (OK one of these is fall, but you get the idea..)AH9A0140-EditAH9A0588-EditAH9A1427-Edit 04

The BEST summer spot; however, is one that is meaningful to you!  It can be grandma’s house, the pool, the lake, a spot in your yard where the light shines beautifully, etc! When we choose a background together we will first consider the number of “spots” that we can use for interest, the light in the late evening or early morning, and the colors. I will use that as a starting place to recommend clothing color palettes and even portrait products (wall portrait, image box, album, etc).

Summer portrait season is in FULL SWING!  The summer is beautiful in our state, and I encourage you to book now! The fall is such a short season here in South Carolina, and we always look a little healthier and more relaxed in the summer:).

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