How do I Enjoy my Portraits?

One of the first questions I ask my clients when we talk about a photo session is, “How do you want to enjoy your portraits?”   I have a number of beautiful portrait options available, but almost everyone wants to include some tabletop displays.  I wanted to show you a couple of places in my house that I display my portraits both old and new.

I remember years ago that a friend came to my house who had never been there.  She said, “Where are all your family pictures?”  I did not have many at the time because I wanted to display them perfectly, and I didn’t want them to look mismatched.  Since that time, I have come to realize that even though I have some professional looking pictures I would never want all professional pictures displayed in my house.  My taste in decor has changed over the years, but the most beautiful and artful decor I have selected are my family pictures.  Those have remained timeless.

Here is an image from my bookshelf in the family room.  I did buy some gold frames in different hues to make the display seem cohesive, but the pictures themselves are all from different times in our family’s history.  One is actually a painting!

I have another display that I really treasure.  This is located in our sun room where we spend a lot of time.  The pictures here are all of the children and my husband.  These are all high quality mounted prints and one metal print that I have displayed on an easel.  Because these are all standard frame sizes, I can change them out frequently if I like.

I love to use frames from the antique market or even frames that my Mom discarded that I remember from my childhood.   I can’t imagine someone coming into my house today and not knowing what is important to me after looking around a few minutes.   When you choose to display your portraits you are choosing to display your heart!  I want to encourage you not to wait until everything is perfect and book a photo session now.  You will NEVER regret the decision to document your family spirit!

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  • Angie - 10:31 pm

    Carol, it was enjoyable getting a peek into your environment where you show what’s most important to you!ReplyCancel