Mother and Child Portraiture

The winter months bring the most gorgeous white light to my “home studio.”  The leaves on the trees are gone, and the sun shines a little lower in the sky creating the most beautiful soft light coming into my “room of windows.”   This is the time of the year that I like to focus on photographing heirloom Mother and Child portraits.  The light reveals a softness in a mother’s face that identifies the tenderness in her heart for her child.   The same light accentuates the roundness of a child’s face that reminds us of their innocence and total serenity in their mother’s protective arms.

Since portraits of Madonna and the Christ Child, we have revered the beauty of a mother and child portrait.  Newborn photo sessions capture this so perfectly when a mother gazes at her “miracle.”   We can FEEL the connection just by looking at the mother’s face.

Mother and child portraits used to be a “standard” portrait in a family picture gallery.    Having lost my Mother 5 years ago, I can attest to the sorrow of not having one of these portraits.   There is something “foundational”  that comes from seeing the love your Mother has for you.  Maybe it is just a reminder that when we are lonely we know we have ONE person that will always love us!

I want to encourage you to capture this love you have for your child in a portrait.  It can be difficult to have YOUR portrait taken.  Believe me; I know.   I will promise you that this is an intimate gift to your child, and they will never see anything but their “Mom.”   When I look at pictures of my Mom, I see things that only matter to me.  I see her eyes and her smile and the shape of her face and ALL that is behind that memory.  No one is more beautiful to me than she is!

The concept of each Mother and Child (OR Grandmother and child) session can be different.  Based on the individuality of the relationship and the desired look, these can be captured outdoors, or indoors with natural light.  They can be more formal in nature with traditional poses, or we can create a candid session to show the playful love that exists between the mother and her child at this stage of their lives.  Here are some examples of sessions that vary in concept, but they all show the connection that these women have with their children or grandchildren.



Contact me to create a session for you and your children to enjoy for MANY years.  These portraits can be some of most important ones you ever have photographed! Email me at hello@caroleslagsvol.com.  Call or text me at (803) 422-2522!  



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