Mother and Child Sessions

This winter I have been working on a new session offering!  I have been attracted to the idea of Mother and Child sessions for a while.   There are so many important aspects to this type session; I really feel like it is “must” for every family.   The session includes a photo shoot of a mother and her child or children.  Also included are individual portraits of the mother and each child.   The goal of my sessions are to showcase the love that a mother has for her children, and the adoration that children have for their mother.  These portraits are designed to be family heirlooms.  My hope is that the children will enjoy these portraits long after they are grown, and the mother will remember fondly the beautiful time in her life when she was a main source of love and comfort to her children.    There is so much going on in these portraits.  First, the child has a special time with their mother that is their own.  It is celebrated and captured.  One day when they start to break away on their own, these portraits are a reminder of the safety of their family and the love that originated there.  When the children become teenagers, the mother has the tangible image of the sweetness and innocence of their children (you KNOW what I mean here!).

Here is a share of two sessions that I believe captured that essence….AH9A0295-Edit-Edit-EditAH9A0305-Edit-Edit-EditAH9A0356-EditAH9A0372-EditAH9A0385-Edit-EditAH9A0437-Edit-Edit


So Mom, when was the last time you were in the picture?  Someday, there will be a “hole” in the photographic history of your child’s life if you don’t have some portraits created of yourself.  I know this to be true from experience.  My mother passed away four years ago, and there is not one picture of my Mom and me that I have to enjoy.  Watch out for the reliance on “selfies.”  Small digital files are not pretty when printed, and we all know the power of the printed portrait.  You have the opportunity to enjoy it everyday!   I would love so much to help you create this memory for you and your children!  I am booking these sessions now.  Since these sessions can be held indoors with natural light, we can have your portraits created and ready by Mothers Day!  What an awesome gift for yourself AND your children.





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  • Angela Brown - 9:53 pm

    Carole: these images are really stunning. What a gift you have given these families!ReplyCancel