Personal Project – Part II

Last week I took some images to use for a personal project that I have been dreaming about for a long time See here .

My next step was to take the photos into my painting software and create a “painting” from the photograph.


This is the first stage..

Elle painting - Copy

The process is to start with an underpainting, and then slowly bring back the details.  It is so much fun working with different brushes and paint and creating and “wiping clean” to start again!

Understanding light is essential to this process; so I’m glad I’ve learned a little about that in my photography education :).   Here is what I ended up with in this project..

Elle painting with Canon paper profile

My plan is to offer this as a finished product for my precious children with my “child sessions.”    Next, I will post showing the final process of using a paint brush to apply gel over the painting to resemble brush strokes.  Then I hope to find a great frame to showcase the work.  This project is one of my all time favorites!

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