Salt Lake City, UT

I attended a wonderful photography conference a week ago.  It was held in Salt Lake City, UT, where the air is dry and clear, and the sun shines in a bright blue sky among huge mountains.  I loved, LOVED everything about this trip.   I met up with 1200 of my closest friends-really, we were all friends!  It was like a sweet dream to go to a conference where everyone thinks like you, wants to talk about the things you want to talk about, and instantly becomes your good friend just by taking a seat next to you in a workshop or excursion.   Admittedly, we were all women (except for a few male photographer speakers), but we didn’t talk about women’s issues.  We talked about creativity and business and how much we enjoy viewing life through the small viewfinder of a camera or processing what we imagine onto a computer monitor.   The outcome of this experience promises to be better connections with my clients, more creativity in my photography; and most importantly, a deeper confidence in why God brought me to this profession as a way to glorify Him.  Here are a few of my images from the trip.  I was stepping out of my “comfortable place” photographing landscapes and architecture, but it was really fun!  The photo on the top left was of a fellow photographer.  Her face shows the joy we all felt!


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