Senior Portraits – a Priceless Tradition

Throughout modern history we’ve tried to capture the essence of a season or an event with photography.  Somehow, we can look at a portrait of ourselves and be able to re-experience the moments surrounding the time the image was created.   A teen’s Senior year is hopefully such an exciting time that the memories come with a smile.   The excitement of leaving home to start adulthood alongside the past of childhood are a recipe for a stir of emotions for the Senior and their parents.

Fortunately, images are still the way to revive our memories.  At the turn of the century, portraiture was expensive and reserved for milestones.  Today, portraiture is accessible to almost everyone that can use a phone.  I find it fascinating that though there are infinitely more portraits taken each day, they are just as coveted as they have ever been.  People take photos of people everyday because they can and because they want to-we still love to document our moments.  The irony is, however, that although millions of portraits are taken everyday, very few survive.  Those that do are usually relegated to a cloud or hard drive to be sorted through “later.”   In the meantime, technology is outpacing everyone, and our clouds and hard drives will some day be a totally different storage space.  Many will not have sorted through their portraits and preserved those that are meaningful.  This is why I have a passion to photograph our Seniors!

Here are some examples of Senior portraits of the past that have become “legacy” heirlooms of the families that own them.   I can only imagine the joy that these portraits brought to the Seniors that were photographed their parents and their children.

These portraits show the pride of the accomplishment of completing high school.  The formality and the seriousness of the expression help to tell the story of these Seniors and their milestone.


Source                                                                                                 Family History Food


By the way, Family History Food is an awesome blog that discusses a number of “vintage” topics and even links to the owners store that sells many “vintage” household items!  Thanks so much for the use of the portrait!

Here are a couple from my own family.  My Mother-in-Law and my Mother had pictures taken when they were teens.  My Mother-in-Law had her portrait taken in her senior year, and my Mother had a “sweet sixteen” portrait.   I believe these portraits show a lot about the personality of the subjects.  My Mother-in-Law was very attractive, always smiling and connecting with others while my Mother was more poised and thoughtful in her connections.   I believe Senior portraits had evolved at this point.  These are still considered formal in nature, but because these are headshots, we are drawn into the faces and the eyes of the subjects.



Fast forward to our High School Seniors of today!  My High School Senior sessions are ALL about the senior.  I work very hard to “celebrate the soul”  in all my sessions.   Many times, this includes more environmental portraits or portraits with “props.”  Sometimes you have to “tell the story” to capture their Senior Year in the way they have lived it and loved it.  Here are some recent portraits I love that I hope show how much these Seniors are loving their best year ever!


I want to document YOUR Senior’s best year ever!!  Reach out and we’ll begin planning the session.  I can promise it will be fun and it will be emotional, but most of all it will be an heirloom forever!


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  • Meredith Eby - 8:24 pm

    Your photos are gorgeous! One day they will be as treasured as the photo of my grandma!ReplyCancel

    • cslagsvol@sc.rr.com - 8:34 pm

      Thank you Meredith! Thank you for allowing the use of your heirloom portrait!ReplyCancel