The decision to create a treasured piece of art from a portrait of your child is something you will never regret.  By capturing their spirit in a piece of art, you will be reminded of the spirit of your family in a visual heirloom that you can enjoy every single day!

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The marketing world is divided on presenting costs as "investment" or "pricing."  After delivering thousands of images to clients in the form of portraits and albums, I am in the camp that portraits are indeed an "investment."  So many clients have reached out to me as early as six months after their purchase to let me know how their artwork or album makes them feel when they look at it on their wall, table display or coffee table (album).  Those that have "invested" in these moments of time know that it can never be recreated and now is theirs' to enjoy for many years (the return).  The precious face of their child will bring joy when days are joyful and when days are challenging.  Finally, the return of "self esteem" to a child should be recognized.  A child feels loved and safe when they know their parents cared enough to "invest" in their portrait to display as a representation of their precious spirit.


We will meet and view your proofs to choose your favorite poses to use for your portrait products.  I will create your portraits, and order them from the print lab.  Finally, I will deliver your portraits for you to display and enjoy!


I will email you a pdf of my session guide and be available for anything you might need before your session.  We will then have your session and within two weeks I will prepare the first edit "proofs."


it starts with a phone call.  I will reach out and find out a little about your child or senior.  We will talk about this time in the life of your child and family and the best way to showcase that in the way of portrait art, album or painting.  We will plan your session location, and discuss clothing, etc.


Ready to book?

Do you offer gift prints (5x7's, 8x10's, etc)? 
Yes!  Gift prints for relatives or tabletop display are an add-on to wall portraits, image boxes and albums.  I work with the best print labs who have the best papers and inks used to create high quality prints.

Question 4

What is your price range for portraits and albums and do you offer packages?
Prices for portraits and albums start at $400, and most clients spend an average of $800-$1000.  Paintings are priced based on number of subjects, size, etc.  I offer a 20% discount when ordering two or more portraits or albums.  I can create custom package pricing for you after we decide on your portrait selections.  

Question 3

How much is your session fee, what is included, and how is that paid? 
 My session fee is $175.00.  This includes a 60-90 minute photo session at a location that we choose together.  This fee also includes the cost of a first edit of the best images (usually around 40-50), a private consultation to help you choose your favorites and time spent in collaborating to create your artwork or album.  You session fee will be included in the deposit invoice for your portraits.

Question 2

Do I get all of the digital files with my purchase? 
 My job is to offer you an opportunity to create an heirloom keepsake as a tangible remembrance.  I create wall portraits, table displays and albums.  With each pose you choose for these items, your investment will include the low resolution digital image to share on social media, save to your phone, etc.  I do offer the high-resolution, printable images as an add-on option for purchase.  Full size digital images are $75 each (price reduced if purchasing more than 4).  

Question 1 :


I'll find out about your family and how you want to celebrate your child

Step one

Inquiry call

As much time as we need to capture smiles, laughter and pensive looks. 


Step two

In person appointment to help you choose your favorite poses and create your artwork

view and choose

step three

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